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States across the country have led responses aimed at addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Over the months we have seen different measures being reeled out by sub-national governments in their quest to address the health crisis we are in. The measures put in place across states have implications for planning and compliance by citizens and all sections of the economy.

The Nigeria Network of NGOs state action tracker tracks the state governments response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the 36 States of the Federation including Abuja.

The tracker mines up-to-date information about actions taken by state governments ranging from legislative frameworks, work restrictions, limits on gatherings, school closure, closure of non-essential business, curfew, reopening plans, inter-state travel limitations, stay at home orders and mask requirements. This tracker has been developed to help citizens plan around restrictions on assemblies and movements as a result of measures/protocols to address Covid-19


Data for this tracker is collected by NNNGO from press releases, statements and other communications materials issued by States as found on their official social media pages or through the traditional media. Updates are provided at regular intervals and as released by the States. The focus is to provide at a glance information on measures and regulations in place to address the pandemic across the country in ways that helps citizens and sectors to plan their activities and to comply.

While we aim to be as accurate as possible, we are aware that we may easily slip by on few updates, you can challenge or suggest updates from your state by completing our online form. The submissions will be reviewed by our team as soon as it is received.


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